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How to Find an Electrician for Your Home or Business

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

how to find an electrician

How to Find An Electrician for Your Home or Business

Finding an Electrician for your home or business can be stressful and overwhelming. So many options and considerations make picking the right company for the job a monumental task. But, worry not, this handy guide will outline everything you need to know to choose the perfect electrician for your project!

Step 1 Consider These Things When Looking for An Electrician

# 1 Your Electricians Credentials

It is extremely important that the electrician you choose is Licensed. A licensed electrician has completed extensive training, thousands of hours of both study & real on the job experience, has passed a difficult exam in both business and electricity to get their license, and is guaranteed to have insurance (it is part of the licensing requirement). Making sure your contractor has a license is the single most important step to ensuring the success and safety of your electrical project. If in doubt don't be shy. ask to see a copy of your electrician's license. they often carry a card that verifies their license with them. It is also possible to do an online check with the license board for your state.

# 2 Research Costs

Before you even start searching it would be best if you had a rough idea of the estimated costs of your project. Knowing what charges to expect puts you in a better spot when the bids and bill come in.

How Much Does an Electrician Cost Per Hour?

An electrician’s cost per hour can vary between $50 and $100 per hour plus the cost of materials and necessary permits if applicable. It depends on your location, the quality of work and materials, cost of equipment, and the level of experience of the professional you hire. Emergency or after-hours rates are usually higher too – expect to pay an emergency fee of up to $300 plus a higher hourly rate.

A truly skilled, well-equipped professional that charges $100 an hour can be a much wiser choice than an inexperienced hack, working with inadequate tools and no parts, but charging much less. Often, more experienced professionals get the job done quickly with warrantied work, a way better value over all.

**To SAVE MONEY and time on electrical repair work, bundle projects together. Any time you discover an electrical problem, put it on a list. When you feel it’s time to call a pro, review your list and then conduct a mini-inspection of your home. Look for faulty switches and dysfunctional or crowded outlets. When the electrician comes, you’ll save money and time by getting everything taken care of at once.

# 3 Check Reviews / Where to Search for an Electrician

Of course reviews are one of the best indicators of the reliability and professionalism of any contractor. Before you call, don't just judge a company by their logo, words, and website. Reviews can reveal the true quality of the electrician you are investigating to hire.

Google maps is the best resource for narrowing down which professional to choose from for both business and residential needs. Not only does Google Maps show reviews, but it also has a significant verification system for businesses, meaning finding a verified electrician on Google will give you extra confidence that whomever you select is legitimate.

For Businesses and larger projects the Blue Book Construction Network is an excellent resource. There you can find companies and contractors from many different trades, post your job, and allow multiple bids to be placed on your project so that you get the best quality and save money.

# 4 Speak with Several Professionals

Don’t take the first bid. Always get at least 3 bids for your project. Talk with each professional and ask them targeted questions about your project and situation. Their knowledgeability and professionalism should be self evident in their conversation with you. Remember to ask:

  • If they are licensed and insured?

  • What their availability is and the time frame for the completion of your project?

  • You can can ask a rough estimate of the cost of your electrical project, but there are many variables that factor into an electrical repair or upgrade. A better idea of the cost is assessed after a site visit is performed by the electrician. Some services, such as a simple outlet change, is an easy quote over the phone. Rewiring a house however, will definitely require a site visit to even begin to generate a quote.

When Your Ready to Call The Electrician Be Prepared & Save Money

The less time the electrician spends dealing with inconveniences, the more money you will save.

Some preparation tips:

  • Be as thorough and detailed in describing your needs to your contractor. The more they know, the quicker the job will go.

  • Before they arrive, prepare a precise list of items you want serviced. Electricians have budgeted their time for a service call. They don’t have time for additional requests once they are on site.

  • Make sure the electrical panel box is accessible. You’ll pay for the time it takes to access it.

  • Clear away fragile items, knickknacks and furniture from areas where you expect the them to work.

  • If you have questions about the project, ask them before they start. Most are happy to run you through the problem and the process of fixing it.

  • Ask about potential issues after the work is complete. During a service call a professional will spot any potential hazards.

  • You’ll lose power to parts of your home while they work. Be prepared to pause anything you’re doing during the service call.

  • In most cases you’ll have the option to either pay at the time of service or have a bill sent to you. You’ll be able to pay with cash, credit and sometimes check.

FYI A typical electrical project involves these steps:

  1. Clearing or gaining access to the problem area.

  2. Diagnosing the problem.

  3. Shutting the power off at the service panel.

  4. Repairs or installation. This may also include leaving for parts.

  5. Clean up.

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